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Using Textured Glass Styles for Nature Inspired Interior Design

Jul 26, 2022 8:00:00 AM / by Greg Martell

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There’s something about the elegance of nature. 

Random, yet deliberate and simple while complex, the natural environment provides countless ideas for interior design. 

As people become more eco-friendly, they are also using nature inspired interior design in their homes and workplaces.  

You don't need tree stumps, rocks, or lots of house plants to connect with nature in interior design. Colors, textures, and material selection are simple interior design tricks for bringing the aesthetics of the outdoors inside. 

Textured glass makes it easy to blend the functionality of glass with the uniqueness of nature.


5 Textured Glass Types for Natural Interior Design Schemes 

Textured glass, also known as patterned glass, makes for unique interior design choices especially when using nature inspired patterns in places where it’s least expected, such as urban offices, shopping centers, and even residential bathrooms

When looking to bring a touch of nature into a space, consider these five textured glass patterns: 

  1. Rain (Niagara) 
  2. Bubble 
  3. English reeded
  4. Spraylight 
  5. Floralite

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Rain (Niagara) Rain (Niagara) - textured glass

Reminiscent of the mist of Niagara Falls, Rain (Niagara) patterned glass by Guardian Glass appears as though it has raindrops streaking its surface. Its unique ripples provide an obscured view. In other words, those looking through the glass won’t be able to see defined images

Temperable for strength and safety, Rain patterned glass is a favorite choice for: 

  1. Shower and tub enclosures for hotels and other hospitality spaces
  2. Partitions in commercial spaces
  3. Furniture and casework
  4. Cabinetry

Bubble Bubble - textured glass

Bubble patterned glass by Guardian Glass features the appearance of water drops on its surface. A textured glass, Bubble patterned glass slightly shifts light passing through it, providing subtle distortion for privacy. 

Bubble patterned glass can be tempered or laminated to improve strength and performance, making it a great fit for: 

  1. Commercial and corporate doors and windows
  2. Walls and partitions
  3. Bath and shower enclosures for hospitality spaces
  4. Retail displays and fixtures 
  5. Furniture and casegoods
  6. Surface covers and tables

Spraylite (Aquatex)Spraylite - textured glass

Another patterned glass inspired by water, Spraylite aka Aquatex by Guardian Glass features a texture reminiscent of a babbling brook. 

Spraylite glass’s rippled surface blurs the image of what’s on the other side, just as quickly moving water does when trying to see beneath its surface. 

Spraylite glass, a glass that manufacturers can temper for durability, is a popular choice for furniture such as:

  1. Patio tables
  2. Conference room tables
  3. Luxury coffee tables
  4. Shower enclosures 


English ReededEnglish Reeded - textured glass

Pilkington's English reeded patterned glass, inspired by thickets of wetland grass, distinguishes itself with raised ribs. 

Like a row of translucent reeds, this patterned glass is considered a low-level privacy glass. Bending light with its ribs, English reeded glass slightly impairs viewing through it colors and shapes are obscured, yet still visible. English Reeded patterned glass works well in: 

  1. Cabinetry
  2. Door panes
  3. Partitions in commercial spaces and restaurants


Floralite Floralite - textured glass

A throwback to Florentine and Florex glass, Floralite glass by Guardian Glass features a rolled pattern resembling small flowers

Like other patterned glasses, its textured appearance provides for a visual obstruction while still allowing light to easily pass through

Floralite is popular in:

  1. Doors and windows
  2. Walls and partitions
  3. Cabinetry


The Benefits of Nature Inspired Interior Design 

A newer trend, biophilic interior design is about integrating nature into a space. While some elements are obvious such as installing a fountain in a hotel lobby or large windows for natural lighting most are more subtle. 

Textured glass is popular in biophilic interior design, as it meets both function and form requirements without being overt. It also easily integrates into existing interior design schemes without feeling out of place. 

Nature-inspired interior design isn’t just about achieving an aesthetic, though that certainly is a major consideration. 

By integrating nature  or materials influenced by it into a space’s design, studies show those inside reap several benefits, including: 

  1. Reduced stress
  2. Higher productivity
  3. Improved attention span


Natural Interior Design Via Textured Glass 

Whether you're brainstorming residential shower glass design ideas or helping spruce up a commercial restroom’s design, nature-inspired patterned glass delivers on multiple fronts. 

Not only do they provide a unique aesthetic and enhance privacy, but they also help foster a peaceful connection with one’s surroundings.

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(Editor's note: This article was originally published in August 2021 and was recently updated.)

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Written by Greg Martell