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Laminated Glass for Safety and Security

Sep 9, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Greg Martell posted in Commercial Glass, Glass Sheets, Shower Enclosures


Be it flying debris, an accidental bump, or even an irate customer or angry mob, sometimes glass integrity is tested by tough impacts. 

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Guide to Custom Glass for Shower Enclosures

Sep 30, 2019 2:30:00 PM / by Greg Martell posted in Glass, Custom Glass, Shower Enclosures


Guide to Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

The question of installing a shower versus a bath has been hotly contested over the years. While “spa tubs” were once all the rage, many home builders and designers are now seeing a trend towards removing the tub and installing a bigger shower. Today’s  showers are larger, more luxurious, eco-conscious and safer for older adults than ever before. 

Stunning new design options for 21st century homes can include a Wi-Fi or cloud-based digital shower, wireless speakers, thermostatic trim plates, chromotherapy lighting, and an incredible variety of luxurious shower-heads. It’s no wonder people want to spend more time in their showers! 

Whether as part of a walk-in shower or a bathtub/ shower combination, the new affinity for showers offers a great opportunity to commercial installers, architects, and interior designers everywhere. But, before all of the fancy gadgets and modern technology can be considered, it’s crucial to start with dependable glass.

Here are some elements to take into consideration regarding glass for shower enclosures.

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