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9 Reasons to Consider Glass Wall Panels for Your Next Office Project

Sep 23, 2022 10:17:21 AM / by Greg Martell

You’ve been in that office with the dim lighting and the employees that seem barely awake. It’s not an inviting place to be. 

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Details You Should Tell Your Tempered Glass Manufacturer

Aug 25, 2022 8:00:00 AM / by Greg Martell

From creating an elegant custom shower enclosure to fitting seamlessly into an odd-shaped space, tempered glass can be cut into almost any shape your project demands. 

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Tempered vs Laminated Glass: Choosing the Right Safety Glass

Aug 24, 2022 11:22:00 AM / by Greg Martell

Glass might not be top of mind as a material that improves a space’s security and safety. Considered a fragile material by many, glass may seem like a material that always needs to be handled with care -- and there are plenty of glass types that do. 

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How Does the Glass Tempering Process Work?

Jul 28, 2022 5:54:00 PM / by Greg Martell

As those in the commercial and residential construction industry know, tempered glass is nearly 5x stronger than regular annealed glass. Tempering means heating the glass to extreme temperatures and rapidly putting it through a high-pressure cooling process. 

This procedure puts stress on the glass, which in turn produces tension that begins in the center of the piece and spreads out. The tension is then compressed on the outer edges, which gives the glass sheet its strength. 

How is glass tempered? Here's a “behind the scenes” look at the five-step glass tempering process.

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Flemish Glass: A Modern Homage to Old World Charm

Jul 28, 2022 8:15:00 AM / by Greg Martell

Sometimes, the best modern materials in design are those that emulate the past. 

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