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V-Groove Glass Design: Enhancing Visual Appeal

Jan 3, 2023 8:15:00 AM / by Greg Martell


Incorporating v-groove glass is a unique way to add style and sophistication to a variety of pieces including:

  • Mirrors
  • Glass doors
  • Shower enclosures
  • Partitions
  • Cabinetry and millwork



Decorative glass pieces are a great way to add beauty and charm to any space. From cabinet doors and windows to partitions, mirrors, and more - the possibilities of what you can do with decorative glass are endless.

Adding a bit of artistic flare or definition to a glass pane doesn’t always mean purchasing heavily fabricated or completely customized pieces. 

V-grooving is one technique that has been used for centuries to create beautiful patterns in glass panels and bring life into a space. Incorporating v-groove glass is a unique and decorative way to add style and sophistication to a variety of pieces, creating a unique aesthetic or providing the right finishing touch to a project. 


What Is V-Grooving?

V-grooving glass is a method of adding a design to the surface of a glass piece. 

Like routing a piece of wood, v-grooving cuts v-shaped lines into the surface of a glass plane to create detailed patterns. In a sense, v-grooving is a form of edgework. Rather than making deliberate cuts along the perimeter of a glass pane, v-grooving is applied anywhere on the pane. 

In v-groove pieces, the "V" shaped indentations create a unique visual effect when light passes through them. They can range from simple lines to intricate patterns depending on your desired aesthetic. With v-groove glass design, you can easily add a touch of sophistication and class to any room in your home without having to break the bank or go through complicated installation processes.

In addition to permanently adding a design to the glass, v-grooving adds another layer of distinct visual elements, such as shadowing or angled edges to refract light.  

The cut lines themselves also become part of the overall design. V-groove lines are typically linear or curved. They can be left with a rough finish for a textured look or polished for a clear finish. 

What V-Grooving Isn’t

V-grooving shouldn’t be confused with etched glass designs. 

While both add an artistic element to a glass piece, the difference is in how each method applies a design.

Unlike v-grooving, etching doesn’t go beyond the surface of a glass piece. In most cases, etched designs are added to a window by using:

  • Hydrofluoric acid or gas 
  • Bead or sand blasting 
  • Glass-etching creams

V-grooved windows are also not the same as beveled glass windows, though they are closely related.  

Both glass fabrication methods do involve cutting into a pane or sheet. However, beveling is limited to cutting an angle along the periphery of a glass piece. 

Places You'll See V-Grooving

Although v-groove designs are most commonly seen in windows, chances are you’ve come across many different glass products featuring the artistic addition of v-groove designs. 

This fabrication process is also often used to add permanent patterns to: 

  • Mirrors
  • Glass doors
  • Shower enclosures
  • Partitions
  • Cabinetry and millwork

V-grooving is a great option for those looking to give their glass projects a unique touch. With the right materials and tools, v-grooving can be used in many different applications with beautiful results. From creating custom windows to adding detail to furniture pieces, v-grooves offer endless possibilities when it comes to personalizing glass designs.


V-Groove Designs and Your Project

V-groove designs for windows are almost limitless. Popular designs are often used to:

  • Create a faux frame
  • Give the illusion of muntins, or gridwork 
  • Add a focal point to a glass piece
  • Enhance residential and commercial entryways 

Most glass fabricators have a small library of designs to choose from. Standard v-grooving designs are usually rooted in the shape of the glass pane to which they’ll be added. 

At New Angle Beveling, our catalog of v-groove designs and options includes: 

  • Arched
  • Rectangular ornate
  • Rectangular simple 
  • Rounded

The most distinctive v-groove designs are the ones you come up with yourself. 

Custom v-groove designs make a glass piece truly yours. And you’ll be guaranteed no one else will have the same design. 

An experienced glass fabricator will have the necessary tools to apply your concept to a glass pane. One of the most popular options for custom v-groove patterns is adding a logo to a window pane, glass door, or mirror.

In restoration projects,  custom v-groove designs help pay homage to a certain era or construction style, adding a visual enhancement that blends in seamlessly

Pro tip: If you’re providing a design to a glass shop, be sure to follow these guidelines.


V-Groove Window Designs: An Aesthetic Enhancement

V-groove designs for windows -- or any other glass product -- make a piece truly stand out without having to go to great lengths. 

Regardless of pattern selection -- be it from a catalog or one you provided -- a finished product with v-grooving is certain to add a distinct and sophisticated element to a space. 

Want to make your next glass project stand out with v-grooving? 

Download our guide to learn more about v-groove styles available for your next glass project. 

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(Editor's note: This article was originally published in December 2020 and was recently updated.)

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