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6 Commercial Colored Glass Products to Elevate Your Design Plans

Oct 2, 2019 2:27:00 PM / by Greg Martell

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When designing a commercial space, designers and contractors often focus on the actual shape of the space, thinking about the space and its furnishings, form, and function.

In addition to creating a perfectly functioning space with the typical tools, a commercial designer or contractor can elevate their design plans by incorporating colored glass products within the build itself.

You can use glass elements and glass statements in your design to add an additional texture to your design's texture palette, cast light into the interior in interesting, pleasant, or thought-provoking ways, to create semi-private spaces, and even to change the feel of your design, taking it from mainstream to modern or using beveled glass to create a more classically appointed atmosphere.

How to Use Colored Glass in Commercial Designs

Take a look at these suggestions for how to incorporate colored glass into your next commercial design.

1. Glass Partitions in Offices

Glass partitions create the perfect semi-private space for a professional environment. These partitions create enough privacy to foster concentration but leave enough open air to cultivate collaboration.

If receiving clients or customers inside the office, colored glass partitions elevate the space's visual appeal with a more modern, edgy vibe, giving guests the impression of a business at the forefront of its industry.

2. Cubicle Walls in Reception Areas

Colored glass can be used to construct semi-private cubicle walls in reception areas, without incorporating flimsy plastic partitions or unsightly fabric dividers.

These make the perfect, modern-looking partitions inside offices where visitors might be discussing sensitive or private information, such as inside a financial institution or medical office.

3. Colored or Frosted Glass Shower Doors in Hotel Rooms

Hotel guests want a space where they can escape their everyday lives, their business meetings, and the commotion of the outside world. Using colored or frosted glass to create a wet room inside your next hotel project's bathrooms will send the luxury meter through the roof.

With a variety of frosted designs, textures, and colors available in commercial glass designed for large installations, you can select the glass doors or walls that will provide guests with the right amount of privacy while also achieving the right high-level design feature.

4. Eye-Catching Windows and Doors

Manufactured in subtle, classy, colors and tones -- white laminated, low-iron, and acid etched glass are available in sheets and can be used to create bespoke windows and doors in any commercial space.

5. Unique Display Walls

Whether used as a backdrop or installed as an eye-catching cabinet or as display case doors, colored glass will draw the consumer's eye to your product.

6. Tinted Mirror Glass

You can achieve an edgy or demure look using tinted mirror glass in a variety of commercial spaces.

Install it in an entryway, along a wall in a retail space, or as a backdrop inside an office. The design potential is limitless.


Get More Expert Ideas for Commercial Glass Installation and Design

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Patterned glass also helps make a space pop. 

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Written by Greg Martell