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[A Closer Look] Textured Glass Types for Elegance & Privacy

Aug 15, 2023 2:57:03 PM / by Greg Martell

Textured glass, or patterned glass, is more than just a decorative element in homes and offices; it's an effective solution for adding elegance, privacy, and light to any space. 

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Luxury Custom Shower Glass Panels: Investments in Modern Home Design

Aug 2, 2023 1:06:00 PM / by Greg Martell

When it comes to modern home designs, one rising trend is the installation of large, luxurious, eco-conscious, and safer showers for adults. 

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One-Way Mirror Glass: Demystifying [& Optimizing]

Aug 1, 2023 3:54:14 PM / by Greg Martell

In the realm of optical illusions, few inventions capture our imagination quite like one-way mirror glass, creating mirrors that aren’t just “mirrors,” they’re also “windows.”  

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How to Remove Silicone from Glass & Other Glass Cleaning Hacks

Jul 18, 2023 3:00:44 PM / by Greg Martell

Messes happen. Especially when you’re a person who works with your hands in the manufacturing and construction industries. 

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Glass Railing Systems: Custom Options for Stairs, Decks & More

Jul 18, 2023 1:48:21 PM / by Greg Martell

Nothing beats a view.

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