Standard Mirror Sizes & Styles for Commercial Applications

Aug 28, 2019 1:53:41 PM / by Greg Martell posted in Custom Glass, Commercial Mirror, Mirrored Wall


Selecting the type and form of commercial mirror is a matter of functionality and style. Mirror size should be adequate, suitable for the given wall space, able to be placed with consideration to average user height and accommodate secure mounting.

To choose the right commercial mirror requires consideration for both the application and decor.

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How to Safely Ship Custom Glass Sheets

Aug 28, 2019 1:34:09 PM / by Greg Martell posted in Glass, Triple Glazed Glass, Glass Sheets, Commercial Mirror, Beveled Glass, Glass Shipping


Glass is beautiful, decorative, stylish... and extremely fragile. Yes, while custom glass sheets are a trendy addition or enhancement to many spaces, getting the pieces from 

Point A to Point B can be somewhat of a challenge — specifically because of their aforementioned fragility. The right packaging and shipping is extremely crucial. 

As a glass shop, the last thing that you want is an unsatisfied consumer because their product is broken or damaged upon receiving it. It's why we can't stress the importance of being proactive with your shipping and packaging process enough. 

Additionally, it’s of paramount importance to choose a custom glass manufacturer who follows careful shipping protocol -- ensuring quality every step of the way, and eliminating defects in the glass that reaches your consumer.

Here's a look at what to do (and what not to do) when shipping custom glass sheets. Plus, some notes on what to look out for when receiving glass from your manufacturer.

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Guide to Glass for Shower Enclosures

Aug 13, 2019 9:46:29 AM / by Greg Martell posted in Glass, Custom Glass


The question of installing a shower versus a bath has been hotly contested over the years. While “spa tubs” were once all the rage, many home builders and designers are now seeing a trend towards removing the tub and installing a bigger shower. Today’s  showers are larger, more luxurious, eco-conscious and safer for older adults than ever before. 

Stunning new design options for 21st century homes can include a Wi-Fi or cloud-based digital shower, wireless speakers, thermostatic trim plates, chromotherapy lighting, and an incredible variety of luxurious shower-heads. It’s no wonder people want to spend more time in their showers! 

Whether as part of a walk-in shower or a bathtub/ shower combination, the new affinity for showers offers a great opportunity to commercial installers, architects, and interior designers everywhere. But, before all of the fancy gadgets and modern technology can be considered, it’s crucial to start with dependable glass.

Here are some elements to take into consideration regarding glass for shower enclosures.

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What Is Acid Etched Glass?

Jul 19, 2019 10:55:32 AM / by Greg Martell posted in Glass, Acid Etched Glass


When looking for a striking, but functional, piece of glass for your next design -- consider acid etched glass.

It’s an old favorite in the design world, and for good reason. There are seemingly limitless opportunities to incorporate this beautiful work, and the final result is timeless.

We put together this guide to answer any questions you might have about acid etched glass.

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6 Commercial Colored Glass Products to Elevate Your Design Plans

Jun 7, 2019 11:52:17 AM / by Greg Martell posted in Glass, Commercial Glass, Glass Sheets, Custom Glass, Tempered Glass


When designing a commercial space, designers and contractors often focus on the actual shape of the space, thinking about the space and its furnishings, form, and function.

In addition to creating a perfectly functioning space with the typical tools, a commercial designer or contractor can elevate their design plans by incorporating colored glass products within the build itself.

You can use glass elements and glass statements in your design to add an additional texture to your design's texture palette, cast light into the interior in interesting, pleasant, or thought-provoking ways, to create semi-private spaces, and even to change the feel of your design, taking it from mainstream to modern or using beveled glass to create a more classically appointed atmosphere.

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What is Beveled Glass? | Tiny Details Can Make a Big Difference

Jun 7, 2019 10:59:43 AM / by Greg Martell posted in Glass, Commercial Glass, Glass Sheets, Beveled Glass


In the world of interior décor and commercial design, it is often the smallest details that make the biggest difference and bring the real “wow” factor to a room. Such is the case when it comes to beveled glass.

This creative addition to décor specifications can up a creation from basic to elegant. Just when it might start to feel like every design element looks the same, the use of beveled glass can truly make all the difference in the world.

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What is Fire Rated Glass? | Safety Benefits of Installation in Homes

May 13, 2019 12:28:56 PM / by Greg Martell posted in Glass, Commercial Glass, Fire Rated Glass


Commercial fires in the United States cost a total of about $350 billion per year, as fire losses continue to be one of the most costly disasters. What's more is that most commercial fires aren't caused intentionally or carelessly, but due to malfunctioning equipment or electrical issues.

In many businesses, once a fire starts, it spreads so fast that it can be difficult for firefighters to contain once they arrive on scene. The same can be said for residential fires — they're often fast spreading, leading to a total property loss.

While it's important for business owners and homeowners to take all the proper precautions to keep workers and residents safe (i.e., fire extinguishers, working smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, etc.), there's more that can be done to prevent against the rapid spread of fire, especially in more at-risk facilities.

One of these measures includes installing fire-rated glass. Here's a closer look at exactly what is fire-rated glass and some of the benefits associated with having it installed on your property.

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What Size Screen Wire Do You Need? | Mesh Size and Screen Wire

May 6, 2019 11:55:11 AM / by Greg Martell posted in Screens, Commercial Screens, Screen wire, Mesh size


Screens do more than keep bugs out and let air in. They contribute significantly to a residential or commercial property’s aesthetic appeal.

But the fact that they serve important functions beyond looks makes choosing the right kind important.

Selecting the right screen for a specific application — say window, door, patio, commercial spaces, and more —takes a couple of factors into consideration:

  • Material: Which material will best suit the screen’s purpose, environment and desired aesthetic?
  • Screen mesh size and strand size: How big is whatever you want to keep out? And how wide a span do you want the screen to cover?
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Guide to Glass Options For Cabinetry | Wood Styling or Display

Apr 9, 2019 4:12:42 PM / by Greg Martell posted in Glass, Commercial Glass, Custom Glass


When it comes to home or commercial spaces, the need for creative cabinetry is definitely on the rise. According to an industry report from Freedonia Group, the demand for cabinets in the United States is expected to increase 5.7% per year through 2021. This steady increase can be attributed to both the increase in new home construction and residential remodeling activity.

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How Much Do Mirrored Walls Cost? + Other Custom-Made Mirror FAQs

Mar 26, 2019 9:38:08 AM / by Greg Martell posted in Glass, Commercial Glass, Commercial Mirror, Mirrored Wall


For many homes and commercial properties, mirrors and mirrored walls often add a striking design element. They can make a room seem larger, add depth, and brilliantly reflect light or draw in outdoor scenery.

Mirrors can be used to bring a space together, or they may even become the center of attention. The only limitation is that the mirror must blend in harmoniously with the rest of the environment.

With that in mind, here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive about mirrors and mirrored walls.

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